Birthday: 03/01/2013
Gender: Stallion
Color: Black
City, State: Somis, CA
Owned & Loved by: Amazing Horsewoman LLC

Life Inthe Fazt lane

Birthday: 6/12/2012
Gender: Stallion
Color: Bay
City, State: Somis, CA
Owned & Loved by: Amazing Horsewoman LLC
Affliction – “The Attention Seeker”
The stallion of the barn! He will seek your attention to no avail, kicking his stall loud and clear, especially if he sees you loving on another horse. He is also the barn clown! But don’t be fooled! When he is bridled and fully moving, he is without a doubt, truly poetry in motion.
Life inthe Fazt Lane, by the legendary Vegaz and out of River Dance NA, is proving himself as the performance sire to breed to. His foals are exhibiting their sire’s same beautiful features and great necks, and proving to be trainable and showing the same performance potential. “Eddie” has consistently been in the top of the Arabian English Pleasure division, taking the U.S. National Reserve Championship honors in both 2019 & 2020. He has also been named Scottsdale English Champion and Reserve Champion. His brilliance, athleticism and beauty are stamped on his foals, putting a bright and exciting light on the future of the Arabian industry. Success is created INTHE FAZT LANE!

5 Fun Facts

1) She was black with two hind, matching white socks
2) She was once let loose on the sandbars of the Red River in a National Forest for a promotional photoshoot
3) She produced a daughter, Serendipity MLM, who is having her first baby in 2022
4) Her nickname was “Cutie”
5) She was fearless and actively training to become a show horse in trail


She made many newcomers fall in love with the Arabian horse. Thanks to her kind nature, she was our reliable choice for people who were new to horses to groom and pet. During her short life she spent a lot of time with 6 children, all 6 of whom currently own and show their own Arabian horses.