Pocos Secret Weapon

Birthday: 01/01/2001
Gender: Gelding
Color: Palomino
City, State: Pilot Point, TX
Owned & Loved by: Vail and Jade Johnson, CSC Breeders
The Friends Of Vail Foundation was started by Chad and Susan Chance in honor of their daughter, Vail. Chad and Susan live on a ranch in Pilot Point, Texas, where they have raised their two daughters, Jade and Vail. Vail was 9 years old when she died unexpectedly. Vail was a special girl who brought people together with her magnetic spirit. Her family formed the Friends Of Vail foundation in her honor to promote education, encourage sportsmanship, and instill confidence in our young horsemen.

5 Fun Facts

1. Pocos Secret Weapon’s nickname is “Pistol.” 
2. Pistol is a multi-National western pleasure champion, and has carried several different riders to the winner’s circle, including Jade and Vail.
3. Pistol has other names, including Chicken Nugget, because he is a big chicken, but also because when he is body clipped for a show, his coat changes from a beautiful golden palomino to the color of uncooked chicken.
4. Pistol can open his stall door, even with an extra chain wrapped around the handle, and when he gets nervous or excited, he flops his bottom lip and makes a funny “popping” sound with his mouth.
5. If a little girl and horse could be soulmates, then Vail and Pistol were definitely that. They had a special bond that no one could understand.


Pistol won many National Championships in the open western division, the adult amateur division, and then with a few different youth riders. Pistol had a reputation for being a tricky horse to show because of his nervous nature. Most people, including the trainers, had a difficult time showing Pistol because he would get so nervous in the show ring. When Vail started riding Pistol at home on the ranch in Texas, it is as though he knew she was little. He was so gentle and quiet with her.