Barcelona BF

Birthday: 04/11/2015
Gender: Stallion
Color: Grey
City, State: Baton Rouge, LA
Owned & Loved by: Boisvert Farms – Amanda, Rhein, and Eloise
Barcelona BF is a beautiful, grey, 7-year-old Arabian stallion, bred and born right here on the Boisvert Farm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a multi-national champion, winning the first place red roses while being ridden and pulling a cart. His mother, Cordoba BF, and grandfather Nobilistic BF, were also bred and born here on our farm, making Barcelona BF the third generation of our breeding program.

5 Fun Facts

1. His nickname is Kurt and his mom’s nickname is Kiwi
2. His favorite person is his groom Luis’
3. He likes to hold his lead rope in his mouth when he walks
4. His favorite thing to do is rear when you’re leading him
5. His favorite treat is carrots


His biggest accomplishment was winning the Mid Summer Nationals Arabian Park AAOTR. He loved how exciting the crowd was!!